Straight teeth are not only beautiful, but create a healthy environment for the maintenance of healthy teeth and gums.

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Why Invisalign.  Why US?

  • Invisalign Certified providers since 2000
  • Invisalign Preferred providers since 2006!

For over fifteen years we have been straightening teeth, creating beautiful, healthy smiles.  As a preferred  Invisalign provider since 2006, we know Invisalign. All our Doctors have at least ten years Invisalign experience.

As a mature individual who strives to be the best you can be yet do not desire to be wearing unsightly braces, Invisaign is for you.  It is almost invisible and extremely comfortable. And results can be seen in as short as two months. The best part about the whole process is that most people won’t even know you’re straightening your teeth.  Invisalign, you’ll be glad you did.

Having done tons of Invisalign cases over the years, we have heard all the questions and concerns. Visit our tips and Q & A section for answers and helpful tips to the most commonly asked questions for making your Invisalign experience go smoothly.

Call today and find out how Cosmetic Orthodontics and Six month Smiles can give you the smile of your life.


Interesting Facts


Six Month Smiles:  where things get interesting.

  • Not everyone is an Invisalign candidate or perhaps you want results faster than traditional braces or even Invisalign can deliver, yet do not want to wear traditional braces. Six months smiles marries traditional orthodontics with cosmetics for fast, reliable and aesthetic results!  Utilizing revolutionary transparent brackets (Lucid Lok®), coupled with a technologically advanced nickel titanium wire, six month smile offers the best of both worlds.
  • Where traditional orthodontics may take years, this revolutionary procedure can achieve the same aesthetic results in an average of six months. Granted, not all cases take six months. Some may take four or less and some may take up to nine, but with six month smiles we will help you achieve the smile you’ve always dreamed of in an astoundingly short time.

Call today and find out how Cosmetic Orthodontics and Six month Smiles can give you the smile of your life.


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Interesting Facts

  • If you’re an internet dater than you’ll love this: People with straight teeth are 57% more likely to get dates based on their photos alone.
  • Crooked teeth can mess you up with the opposite sex no matter how good looking you may be, unless of course it’s closing time at the bar.
  • People with straight beautiful teeth are better kissers. Maybe because they’ve just had more practice.
  • We tend to gravitate towards people with straight beautiful teeth. Perhaps it’s a genetic thing, we want our kids to turn out beautiful.
  • 10 out of 10 people would rather kiss a person with straight teeth over one with crooked teeth, unless of course it closing time at the bar again.
  • Whenever we see a beautiful person with an ugly person, chances are the ugly person has straight beautiful teeth. Hey, don’t blame us. That’s just the way it is.
  • We tend to believe people with straight teeth over crooked teeth. Perhaps this is based on the belief that people with beautiful smiles take themselves more serious and therefore take life more serious.
  • This next one is probably related. All things being equal, candidates for a job have a higher chance of getting that job if they have straight teeth over those that don’t. Probably for the same reason as above.
  • Again, this may be related to the above. People in influential positions such as lawyers, politicians, doctors, and salespeople tend to have a whopping 53% more success than their counterparts without straight teeth.
  • People with beautiful smiles tend to be in a higher tax bracket than the “average” person. And extremely successful people usually have extremely beautiful smiles. Now whether the smiles came before the success or vise versa really doesn’t matter. Some of the most beautiful teeth we’ve seen are on professional ball players. Hhmm, think about that one.
  • We have never seen a crack-head with a beautiful smile.

Boring facts

  • People with crooked teeth have a 34% higher chance of losing their teeth due to periodontal disease.
  • People with crooked teeth have a much higher rate of halitosis otherwise known as bad breath. This is probably due to the higher incidence of periodontal disease in these individuals because they cannot clean their teeth effectively. Periodontal disease is a pathological condition that can cause all kinds of problems and bad breathe is just one of them.
  • The majority of people with crooked teeth know it’s not an attractive look and therefore develop a self-esteem problem, which hinders their everyday interactions and affects their psyche. We see people all the time that come to us for a consultation who place their hand over their mouth as they talk or when they laugh.
  • It’s hard to match a tie to a crooked smile.
  • If you calculate how much it costs to fix your smile over what you earn in a lifetime, the amount is so miniscule we can’t even get our calculator to come up with such a small figure.  According to the US Bureau of labor statistics, the average person earned about $58.000 in 2015. Assuming you’re 25 and work for the next 40 years at this amount (we know you’ll get a raise, but let’s keep it simple), that’s 2.3 million dollars. The average cost of orthodontic treatment is $5000 (give or take). So $5,000 out of 2.3 million is like one snowflake in a snowstorm. And yet people balk or hesitate to improve that one asset they have which can catapult them to the next level.
  • If this sounds like an unabashed attempt at a sales pitch, it is. Our commitment at Cosmetic Orthodontics is to reach as many people as possible to afford them a healthier, beautiful, more dynamic life. What the heck, you only pass through here once. Make it the best journey you can have because you won’t get another chance. We stand behind our beliefs and commitment. And if you are concerned about finances, don’t be. We will work with you to make your new smile affordable and painless. See our ‘Financial’ section for more dtails.

So call us. Who knows, you may just become a better kisser.



Propell and Cosmetic Orthodontics– for the smile of your life!

We are excited and proud to offer Propell orthodontic accelerator technology. Propel Excellerator® is virtually pain free and shortens treatment times of any orthodontic case by approximately 35%. This is accomplished by physiologically creating a natural biological situation, which enhances tooth movement in the jawbone resulting in tooth and root movement through the bone 35% faster!

  • Propell is an FDA approved technology and is a great addition to our arsenal of orthodontic treatment.

Whether you’re a new patient or an ongoing orthodontic patient, call us to find out what Propell can do for you!